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Civil War I to Civil War II

Civil War II??!? Want to focus on what Civil War II continues from the first one, what is different and what is the same. What should be and what should not be. We are having a lot of things derive from this Civil War series much like the first one – spin-offs, characters deaths, characters stepping down and so much more! What will this mean for the Marvel Universe? Did they create this Civil War in order to transition characters out and makes a storyline for new ones? Because it is starting to seem like that in some cases. What will this lead to for the MCU in regards to what’s next for 2017 and even the end of 2016?

  • Today has been a day of learning so much about comics and DC and Marvel franchises! The Civil War I was insane and I enjoyed it immensely. I completely endorse and hope for a spin off, and cannot foresee one not being conceived due to the success of the first one. There are definitely multiple transitions taking place, and unfortunately, deaths are occurring. Some of which, are upsetting especially for people like myself who are unfamiliar with the storylines due to not having prior insight through not having read the comic books. This is a cool topic that I'd be interested to see what someone has to say, and even more interested to read the responses generated from the person's article!! – danielle577 7 years ago
  • Are you suggesting that they're "jumping the shark?" – Tigey 7 years ago