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The Constant Quest For Immortality

In 1818, the theme of immortality was considered by novelist Mary Shelley. Today, science has nurtured the desire to prolong life, with Cryonics. In between, the film industry thrives on the possibility of advanced human existence. From the earliest civilizations, the theme of longevity has been pursued and immortalized in monumental structures, lore, and ritual. A variety of human achievements can be traced from these contributions to reveal a long-standing preoccupation with thwarting the inevitable termination of life.

  • I just was rereading Frankenstein! It is an amazing piece of writing and the themes of the story translate incredibly well to discussion about modern science and technology as they related to life and death. I would love to see some dive deep into this topic, it would make for an exciting and fascinating article. – SeanGadus 7 years ago
  • Already written, just waiting for more audience reaction, and for the Pending Review to open the gate, so to speak. Be on the look out, it won't disappoint, lots of food for though. – lofreire 7 years ago
  • This is one of the broadest topics I've come across. So fascinating, because you could apply it to a whole hosts of works - but where would it end? (no pun intended!) – Luke Stephenson 7 years ago