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The Future of Humanities

Analyze Humanities’ future as a discipline in our current economy. It would be beneficial to have some cross-cultural analysis as well. However, I’m concerned with what entering this discipline means for our futures, especially those of us who are working on Masters or PhDs. Does time, money, and effort sufficiently contribute to a future career? Or, is our unsure future after Humanities worth the experience?

  • I think when it comes to college, the thing everyone needs to consider is "Will this get me a job." That is the point of college. Especially in this day and age where skills are necessary and information is so available. I'm not saying give up on your hobbies. I'm not saying don't take an interest in humanities. Do it, but don't spend college amounts of money on it. A lot of college classes are filmed and on the internet. A lot of info in general is on the internet. Learn it for free as a hobby and apply it to your life where you can. Go to college with a job and end goal in mind and pick a major that suits it. – Tatijana 7 years ago
  • Although I would encourage individuals to take Humanities courses and even degrees, I agree with the revision that says this is not an appropriate topic for the film category. It's the wrong venue for an important issue. – awestcot 7 years ago
  • I think this is a worthwhile topic to explore. I would note that in your research of this topic, I think you will find, at least in the United States, that you will delve into political and economic circumstances and realities. This may become a distraction if you focus on it too much. Just make sure that you keep the eye on the ball, and you should be fine. – JDJankowski 7 years ago