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Love in Christopher Nolan's Interstellar

Analyze the lack of on-screen romantic love, as the spouses/love interests of the two main adult characters (Cooper and Dr. Amelia Brand) have both died. However, there is an incredible amount of love between Cooper and his daughter Murph, which allows for there to be love within the story.


    The "love conquers all" scenario

    Films, or any other work, really, that pull the "love conquers all" card. I hear disdain from people about this trope, while I personally don’t think it’s that egregious. Interstellar is one that caught a lot of flak for this, at least in the forums I frequent. Are there films that do it "right"? Which films are the worst perpetrators?

    • It's totally hokey, but I find the trope warming. I loved the book and film adaptation of Warm Bodies for this sort of tongue-in-cheek portrayal of "love conquers all"-even death! – FrankiHanke 6 years ago
    • I agree; while it can be a bit cheesy in some films, there are certainly quite a few movies that pull it off quite well. My personal favorite would be The Princess Bride; it even includes the line "death cannot stop true love" in the film itself. – TheAverageAssassin 6 years ago
    • I think there is a lot of philosophical backing for this trope especially from the Western Christian tradition. It really depends on how well it is done and if they can make it believable. – DClarke 6 years ago