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The Bridges to Globalization

In the crowded space that is the media, the digital growth has left profound effects to which writing is contending to keep pace with. Primarily, though English has maintained itself to be the language of the cyber world, there is a consistent mingling of cultures and tongues that our entire world shares in. This topic is meant to provoke the questions about the assimilating values that have shaped the digital crowd, and what kind of adaptations are made to the languages we commonly speak. What can we gather and understand from these changes?

  • Although there are platforms dedicated to writing, like Medium for example, they compete with multimedia sites like Youtube. People's attention spans are short on the internet too which is why micro content vs. long form is important and introduces things like the 140 character limit on Twitter and 6 second videos on Vine. People from all over the world interact and speak different languages but we are also able to instantly translate entire web pages if we want to. I think the reason English is dominant and values are starting to assimilate is that the U.S. is the number one exporter of culture through media like movies and music and now on the internet. Emojis are an adaptation of language and they're fairly universal no matter what language you speak. I think this all just goes to show that our world is increasingly fast-paced and interconnected than was ever possible before. – LaurenG 8 years ago