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MOBAs and Your Career - Being a Team Player

Discuss MOBAs as a learning experience. What is there to be learned by playing these games? There are many elements one must take into consideration in a MOBA game, especially concerning teammates and teamwork. On top of strategy and planning, MOBA players who expect to be successful must be very effective at cooperating with others – especially when it comes to regularly playing with strangers. While there tends to be a stigma of the "toxic" player in popular MOBAs such as League of Legends or DotA 2, this would be a look in the other direction, seeking out the positive and constructive mindsets that find success in the game. Most importantly, this would consider how the skills learned from playing games in this genre could ultimately benefit individuals outside of the gaming world and particularly within their own careers. Could we learn to be helpful members of a team within a workplace by practicing teamwork in MOBAs? Maybe!