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Does television give us an unrealistic view of reality?

Maybe a better title, but an article that explores whether or not TV shows give us a false idea of reality and whether or not they are realistic or not. Suggest whether the false reality it presents is a good way to escape or somewhat ordinary lives or if it is giving us false hope. Is the unrealistic plots of shows hindering our views and perception of the world, are they brainwashing us to think that this is what life should be like? or is it just a harmless way to get out of our own heads? maybe use examples from popular shows.

  • I would say definitely use examples from popular shows. That is really the only way you can make this argument effectively. It's an interesting theory though, basically questioning whether television is a mirror or molder of society. – John Wilson 7 years ago
  • TV shows have become the go to method for escapism for many people. From an hour long trip to Westeros to a simple 30 minute dive into the world of Friends, a main part of our lives circulates around tv shows and the relief it gives us after a long day. Although TV shows can be stress relievers, there have definitely been times when I have thought that my social life was supposed to be one way, because I was so immersed in a show. TV shows are essentially as many people would put, like drugs. (I'm looking at you Breaking Bad) It isn't a bad thing that we watch shows, sometimes we even get a bit of motivation and inspiration from a character. There needs to be a healthy medium between binge watching to escape and being completely brainwashed. – simplyangiec 7 years ago
  • Sometimes. Other times it's our own fantasy of getting justice against our enemies, ala Walter White, that makes us confuse his sad life for a happy, vengeful life we want for ourselves. But just as Walter's life becomes terrible, so does any life of vengeance. Hang in there, kids, the bastards will hang themselves on the gallows they built. – Tigey 7 years ago
  • That depends on what you understand by "reality." – T. Palomino 7 months ago