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How Not-So-Happy Endings in Movies are Actually Improving Society

Lately, a lot of movies are coming out and do not end the way that viewers hope: everyone together and happy. While this seems like it would turn a lot of people away from movies, especially those about love and relationships, it actually is improving ratings and gaining more viewers because many of those in the audience can relate to the negative life events. Is this bringing us closer as a society and enhancing reality, or have we lost the original goal of movies which was to give viewers an escape from reality?

  • I think it's an interesting issue, one worth researching further. I do not agree, however, with the generalisation. There are movies which are simply for entertainment (escapism), but there are also other ones which are very thought-provoking. It is difficult to take a stance that argues one or the other. I would suggest, instead, looking into some examples from both poles and exploring the effects and goals both types of movies have. :) – Kaya 11 months ago
  • I love the idea of this topic, especially now that The Avengers series has come to an end. Although "End Game" ended relatively happily, major characters were still sacrificed and lost, something superhero fans are not accustomed to (and "Infinity War" had everyone shook). Another good example is the popularity of Game of Thrones where death is ever present and characters perpetually suffer through tragedies. I especially like you bringing up romance movies, and personally think the sad endings are grounding people to reality and feeling more for the situations. Are we as a culture, growing up? – Slaidey 11 months ago
  • I really like the idea of this post, but I am not so sure that all viewers are actually expecting or 'hoping' a movie to be ending a particular way ('together and happy'). Yes, a lot of movies are created with the intent to create some Utopian, idealised fantasy of happily ever after, but I also think that in the past there has been a lot of movies created along the romantic-comedy genre that end this way, and may be just what people expect to see sometimes. I think that the creation of movies that do not end in happy bliss are a good thing; maybe because it shows that in life things are not so perfect (and thus people can relate). But also, it may be a good thing as far as movies go in general, as variety in movie endings is always new and exciting. So, in fact, it may just be that viewers are just liking the different 'end' of movies, or it could be, like you said, because it relates to their own personal life. Regardless, movies are not real, they are art forms, depictions, and products of society and culture, and they take on different meanings to whomever may be viewing them. – jessicarealist 11 months ago
  • It is a very interesting issue and agree that it is something to look further into! And also I agree that some people are just liking the different end of movie or somehow related to their life and personal issues ! – sunshinemegz89 11 months ago