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Current Rock Music Described By Someone 10 Years From Now

Every decade has a definitive sound when it comes to rock music. The 80s were the perfect time for leather-clad egomaniacs to express themselves through fast-paced rock and the occasional power ballad. The 90s belonged to brooding, flannel-wearing "dudes," expressing their angst through distorted guitar-driven lamentations. Even the 2000s had a special sound, even if it was commercial alt-rock. With so many of today’s bands striving for a different sound, how will people look back ten years from now and describe rock music from 2010- present day?

  • What is your definition of "rock?" The genre is so large nowadays, that it is difficult to conceptualize the style you are referring to if just "rock" is used. – WilliamWay 7 years ago
  • This is a very interesting article as I do agree that the view of music and music genre has changed greatly over the years. Maybe even throwing in some quotes about rock from the aspect of musicians. If I remember correctly it was one of the band members of KISS that even considered for rock to be "dead." – Kevin Mohammed 7 years ago