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The beginnings of religious belief and science

Is there fine line where spiritual beliefs and the observable natural world can meet? Both are part of humanity and helps shape the world. There is an effect and many do not agree to have both combined or integrated. Religion may be in peoples blood and culture, based on the life that is build upon. It helps find meaning that people are not just organisms that evolve from an insect or a grain of sand. The science part of it brings the engineers of the physical world. Science helps people to learn about the world. Discovering that which can be observed and also build peoples lives by learning about every degree and inch of the universe. A higher power may have fine tuned the universe for human being to live here. After readings and studying there are scientists like Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, Nicola Copernicus that after they reach the limit of their studies, they believe of a higher intelligent mind. At a religious belief some say it is within people, God. Research shows that humans naturally want to know everything, that’s is why people question the world. There is a fine line where most people question a higher power. The world is a beautiful place and people are part of it. The belief of a greater power keeps many people grounded. Many scientists wish to fly within the clouds searching for something that is staring right back. Others are humble even within their intelligent minds to believe that someone or something is guiding the world. This is an important topic that sustains a mind to go within the parameters of people’s existence. The universe is an amazing puzzle and people are the chess of the world.

  • Interesting and always relevant topic, but it might be too broad. Perhaps you could narrow it down, discussing certain fields or aspects of science and religion? – Stephanie M. 2 months ago
  • Generally I would agree with Stephanie's comments, as your topic suggestion reads a little like a mini-article in itself. Nevertheless it's an topical suggestion for a topic (excuse the pun), considering how crazy the human world is right now. I'd be careful about the Anthropic principle angle though as the assumption that we live in a universe fine tuned for humans is very one-sided. We could, just as easily, have evolved and adapted to the universe as it is - we are, after all, a highly adaptable species. Good luck with your science and religion class. – Amyus 2 months ago
  • Updated and made corrections. – rghtin2be 1 month ago
Taken by Opaline (PM) 2 days ago.

Density vs. Girth

Not quite quantity vs. quality but the application of one wholly, with the artful presence of the other throughout or around it in varying degrees within the same body whether physically or conceptually. Studying the sciences for many years, one can see this idea present in small things such as cells, grain structures within metals and the in the integrity of human cognition and other faculties of the mind. To what extent is this observation true in day-to-day life, art, consumer products? How can this observation or thesis be elaborated, modified or falsified?


    The validity of science in modern films

    Analyse the accuracy of physics and chemistry in modern films and correct them.

    • You should specify which types of movies like documentaries or dramas, because if a film features superheroes or magic the physics and chemistry will of course not be accurate. – jmcewen 2 years ago
    • Do you have specific examples in mind? This might be a tough one since so many story lines depend on stretching the reality behind science and technology. Or is your intention to pick apart current films and state why they are incorrect and improbable? If this the case, you can probably use any zombie related movie as the chances of creating a virus that causes super strength is improbable. Most diseases seem to weaken and kill instead. You may want to research theories on rabies, however, as this virus tends to give zombie like characteristics prior to killing it. – Tatijana 2 years ago