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The "dangers" of addressing mental illness in film & television?

Do you believe that writers stray away from addressing metal illness/disabilities of any kind when writing for television? Seeing the trailer for "Speechless" (ABC, fall 2016), there must have been an enormous amount of research poured into the writing, but in general, do you think there is too much room for making mistakes or receiving backlash when addressing these topics? Do writers fear this type of work?

  • I truly agree, I think mental illnesses are becoming such a sensitive subject that it's not really touched by writers. Although as we become further into a generation or time period where mental illness is making itself known, As a society we have to be more aware of the many types of illnesses that follow and the only way to make these known during this time period is by television shows and social media. – Karolyn11 7 years ago
  • Addressing mental illness and disabilities is a sensitive topic that should be treated with care. I think if writers do their proper research, create accurate portrayals (not stereotypes) of characters with disabilities or mental illness, and cast proper actors, it's fine. Some writers might hesitate to create shows depicting these topics because they might not have too much experience with it, or they think it's not profitable, but these stories matter too. Mainstream television should make room for more diverse stories like these topics. – seouljustice 7 years ago