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Smiley vs 007: Could they work together?

How would George Smiley (of John le Carre) and James Bond (Ian Flemming) work together? Both are anti-heroes and have love for their country (or do they?) but could they see eye-to-eye? How might their live styles conflict and would they be able to take orders from one another? le Carre has spoken about Bond and Smiley but do you think there’s a deeper connection? I think an article on the two would bring some answers to this question plus expose some of the deeper character traits these two have.


    Spy (2015) versus James Bond series

    Analyze the relationship between Spy (2015) featuring Melissa McCarthy and the James Bond film series. In what ways has the comedy evolved? How has the woman’s role changed? How has the man’s role changed? Is Spy a parody of James Bond, or does it simply share motifs? Do you enjoy one more than the other? Why?

    • I think most of the humor in Spy comes from parodying the tropes of James Bond movies and other action films. Jason Statham's character in Spy is a parody of the characters he plays in most of his other films. I would also be interesting to look at Knight and Day, which seems to linger on the border of serious action movie and parody. – JLaurenceCohen 7 years ago
    • Would you consider the character played by Melissa McCarthy a new type of the feminist heroine? True to say, her portrayal of the heroine in Spy is somewhat satirical, but it does give the whole picture a breath of fresh air. – Helga101 7 years ago