Technology and the older generation

With technology changing, vocal members of the older generations (i.e. Baby Boomers, Gen X) argue that we are losing touch with our humanity by not interacting as much face-to-face, using our smartphones more, etc. However, every generation experiences new changes in technology and with it almost always comes backlash. At the same time, there are valid points in how much technology changes are for our own good. Do you think this example of technology being "bad" for us is a genuine problem or a reflection of the generational gap we experience?

  • This is indeed a topic worthy of debate and consideration. Technology, like any other human creation, is a double-edged weapon. However, change can either be embraced or rejected and the same applies to technology. Whether we like it or not, all we need to do is to somehow adapt to these transformations. – MC07 4 years ago

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