Television Programs That Steer Clear From Stereotypes

The show "Jane the Virgin" has been praised for representing the Latin community, steering clear of certain stereotypes. However, there are still shows that (arguably) reflect stereotypes (Mike Chang and Tina Cohen-Chang from the show "Glee" and Gloria from "Modern Family." I’d like to read an article about other shows (recent or old) that steer clear from stereotypes (i.e. gender, racial).

  • I think this topic could also explore what we think of as "stereotypes" and feel we should be offend by when sometimes those stereotypes are actual true-to-life cultural differences. I know the new show 'Fresh Off the Boat' has been accused of stereotyping Chinese characters, but the show is taken from Eddie Huang's memoir and blog about growing up with immigrant Chinese parents. – Liz Watkins 7 years ago

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