Television shows without closure

A look at series that had not given the audience closure due to a bad ending to the series or being canceled by network heads. Also a look at shows that are being rebooted with a attempt to bring back the old audience from before the series ended to watch the show.

  • It would be interesting to look at the way Netflix and other online streaming platforms buy cancelled TV shows and reboot them - such as Degrassi or The Mindy Project. – dsubject 7 years ago
  • Cult followings have emerged from such cancellations, so it would be interesting to see how certain fandoms have kept the spirit of canceled shows alive. Firefly, for example, got the movie Serenity due to the massive popularity of the show, even after its cancellation. – scmblack 7 years ago
  • Very interesting topic to explore. I feel like now is the day in age that, many television shows are made, but only a lucky, lucky few are actually successful due to ratings. You can have the most well produced, written, and acted TV show, but if people are not watching, then it gets cancelled, which is very unfortunate. But you can definitely, find TV shows that have gone through that, and maybe find the reason why they were cancelled. – ADenkyirah 7 years ago
  • The Snyder cut gives fans hope that with enough clamouring, beloved unfinished TV series will be relaunched and taken to their logical ends. – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 2 years ago

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