The Advent of Independent Comics: Why Writers Are Starting To Right Their Own Stories

It is no secret that Marvel and DC are the top comic book publishers in the industry. But in recent years, many famous writers and artists like Jonathan Hickman and Rick Remender have left the publishers and have started to create comics for Image Comics or other independent publishers. The results are critically acclaimed comic book series that have become very popular among the comic book community. It would be nice to explore the reasons why comic book writers and artists are leaving Marvel or DC to create their own comics with independent publishers like Image Comics. An examination could even be done into what Image Comics and other independent publishers offer writers and artists that Marvel or DC does not.

  • This topic mentions Image a lot, but what about webcomics? It seems that writers and artists who publish online would have a lot more control over their creation. However, in many cases, it seems unlikely that webcomics would be as profitable as physical ones. – sk8knight 5 years ago

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