The age of Fortnite and other platform games

The age of fortnite and other platform games has really brought out the gamers lately. I have really enjoyed different games on Playstation 4, Xbox and PC.

The set-up is the perfect representation of the interesting gamers like myself and many different others. It would be interesting to explore the fan expectations, hype and marketing surrounding the games that the different makers will bring to the people at a different gaming event.

What makes a game so great? How do you manage fan hype? Can anything live up to a finale expectation at the ending of the game?

So in ending to this topic, My question for this is – does the graphic, vulgar, shock sub-genre have the potential to encourage social acceptance, or is it a futile attempt that should be abandoned since the sub-genre has been pigeon-holed (by the creators and public) into a category of game that is designed to profit from being anti-politically correct or overtly offensive to shock the audience?

  • I agree with the others that the focus of this topic needs to be refined. There's a lot being written about Fortnite already, so any new piece on the subject needs a sharp angle. How the cartoon violence might desensitise children gamers is a focus that interests me. – Bodhi 心 3 years ago
  • Something to potentially consider in Fortnite's success could be the shift in how popular culture views publicly expressing interest in video games compared to even a decade ago. Traditionally, having an interest in marginalized topics (video games, certain genres of literature, anime and manga in the US specifically, etc.) has been seen as an experience one keeps to themselves or shares privately with a small group of like-minded individuals; for better or worse, the stereotypes in teen comedies of "nerds" keeping to themselves and being bullied for their interests have some basis in real life. Fortnite has come into existence in a completely different world. Video games specifically and "nerd culture" generally are now the mainstream, so it may not be that difficult for developers to make games that encourage social acceptance if games are already seen not only as socially acceptable but socially desired. It seems hard to think of a genre of contemporary video games that is disliked in the same way that video games were marginalized in the past. – CulturallyOpinionated 3 years ago

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