The approach of universe building in the Harry Potter franchise and the MCU

Analyze the differences and similarities in how the two franchises approached "completing the puzzle" and discuss what worked (or didn’t) for each. Discuss how Marvel’s endless source material gives them an edge or may even ultimately cause fatigue i.e lack of interest due to digging too deep and how the same thing may or may not happen due to the new Harry Potter spin-offs.

  • Very interesting topic, do you think a franchise like Star Wars also relates to these ideas? As while it does not have a source material, it has changed rapidly in it's approach to telling stories as is seen by the upcoming slate of movies. – Thomas Sutton 6 years ago
  • Really cool idea for a topic do you think you could incorporate how DC is trying to create it's own DCU to rival the MCU? – kenns 6 years ago
  • One thing I'd like to add is to remember that Happy Potter didn't have the concept of cameos building up to solo movies (something Marvel does). Each character had their peak exposure in one certain movie (example lupin in part 3) and then they were a side character in the rest of the movies. Star Wars could be a very interesting thing to discuss here too as it has no source material. – blameshobhon 6 years ago
  • I think that there may be something to discuss here within the fact that Harry Potter was not a franchise that had origin stories and then a collective movies series with all the characters, Harry Potter was a story of a boy and his friends who do what they can to protect the world that they love – OliviaPuddiford 6 years ago

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