The Art in Cosplay

Explore cosplay as an art form.

  • This is an interesting one because there are a few avenues that you can take. I am sure that there can be some adjudication of how closely it represents a character, how good the fabrication is and the use/choice of different materials. – DClarke 8 years ago
  • Also maybe how the monetisation of cosplay is hurting the genuine artists in this genuine. – carboncopyben 8 years ago
  • This is a great topic! It would also be interesting to examine where cosplay came from and how it has developed over time. One might also consider the diversity of cosplayers' intentions. Some might be looking to make money, some might want attention as serious artists, and others may just do it for fun. – Nicole Williams 8 years ago
  • I have recently read online that some cosplayers are now charging people for photos at Comic Con and similar conventions. This may also be a good point to add! – Samantha Brandbergh 8 years ago
  • I don't think cosplaying gains enough recognition for the amount of hard work and artistic talent it takes to pull off, I think exploring it as the art form it is would be a really great way to expose just how much skill the process takes. I've also actually just read an article recently about a cosplayer named Angela Bermudez who was scammed and left in another country with the false promise of having her attend a convention as a guest. Might be worth the read. – pixiemina 8 years ago

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