The art of fireworks

Fireworks are an art. They are like painting in the sky except that they require enormous preparation and a whole crew. Firework artists/designers decide on the colours they are going to combine, at what height they are going to shoot the fireworks and what shape they want. They take months to prepare for big events. It is an ephemeral art that only lasts a couple of minutes and can only be remembered, but never reproduce. Write an article about the techniques of this art that we often forget.

  • You could also explore how fireworks are often used in patriotic holidays - the U.S., China, France, etc. I feel they're powerfully symbolic in national celebrations. – Felicia Bonanno 7 years ago
  • Also, talk about the difference between craftwork and art, and how people often use both words "synonymously," like Amber Heard. – T. Palomino 2 weeks ago

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