The battle of books and technology

There are so many reading apps and online materials that contains unlimited amount of information will people still need books for reading and as a source of information?

  • The short answer to your question, at least for old fogies like me who love the feel of a real book, is 'Yes'. That having been said, obviously online reading materials do have the advantage of being less weighty (literally - excuse the pun) and easier to store in an electronic format. Technology, however, always moves on. From stone and clay tablets to papyri, linen, skin and paper scrolls, to books and now PDFs etc...what will come next? – Amyus 4 years ago
  • A topic with potential but it needs a subheading to give it focus. Reading is still going on but is the issue that less books, as actual books, are being read and more online reading is happening. Or so, then how is reading changing? Is there more skimming of material and less substantive reading, for example? – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago
  • I think it would be good to narrow this idea down a bit. This is a huge topic to cover in just one article. Perhaps this could even be a series? That might make this more manageable. You could compare the feeling of accomplishment turning the last page of the book to a digital form of consumption. Additionally, the argument can be made that the digital format makes books more accessible (less expensive, immediacy). – Nicole Wethington 4 years ago
  • This feels a bit undefined. Are you talking in an everyday situation or about students and their research papers. Are you asking about the longevity of printed material in general? my feelings are that while technology has the benefit of being unlimited and up to date it is also easier to be misreferenced. – M3F 4 years ago
  • I strongly believe a person will always need books no matter what. Authors take the time to do their research and have editorial assistants, editors, etc. verify and such. The internet is trickier, because you can't always know if they are verified, or for some people, it can be hard to concentrate reading let's say an ebook, because other apps are distracting them. – Yvonne T. 4 years ago
  • Your topic needs more elaboration. There are pros and cons to both the mediums of reading. For me, actually it doesn't matter from where I am reading from. There are many a times when I can't afford a book that is sold for a hefty amount, I try to get a hand on the online stuff. Also if you are going to the university which has many recommended books to read out of the course, you can't just carry every book in your hand. It would be too burdensome. – Azira101phale 4 years ago
  • You can't get the smell of books from a tablet, though! – Andi 4 years ago

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