The Best and Worst of Director Michael Mann

Dissect Michael Mann’s career and compare his best works to his worst. What makes Heat such a revered crime-thriller? Why haven’t Collateral or Ali received greater consideration? Is Blackhat is worst film and has he officially fallen too far?

  • Michael Mann is a varied director in some ways. He can direct noir classics like Manhunter and Thief. Epics like Heat and The Last of the Mohicans. And stinkers like The Keep and Blackhat. I also want to see Mann's career and his overall style discussed in this article. – monstersandneon 7 years ago
  • Are you saying that the article should be a list of the best to worst/worst to best movies of Michael Mann which addresses the techniques employed in each individual movie, or an analysis in how his filmmaking style has changed over time? Both are worthy topics, but they are also very different. Which would you say would be better? – August Merz 7 years ago

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