The Best of David Lynch

Perhaps an article about the primary aspects of Lynch’s work. Maybe exploring Twin Peaks and his most essential films?

  • This would be very interesting given the new interest in Twin Peaks. Maybe a focus on that and then a run-down of how his other work links in/is similar for those who don't know it. – Francesca Turauskis 8 years ago
  • Mr. Lynch is my favorite film director, and thus I'm very tempted to go ahead and grab this topic. But yes, it might make more sense to write this article once the new Twin Peaks series starts becoming more of a reality. It would also be interesting to go through a series of tropes that Lynch uses consistently in his films and in Twin Peaks, and even how other directors have been inspired by these same Lynchian tropes. There's so much that could be written on about Lynch! He's a fantastic rabbit hole of ideas for posts. – Rachel Watson 8 years ago

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