The conflict between heroism and villainy within My Hero Academia

The anime has characters such as Endeavor who is known as the number 2 hero despite having villainous qualities such as abusing his wife and children. On the flipside, they have Stain, a villain who ruthlessly kills people yet values true heroism. In a show promoting the idea of becoming the best hero in the world, what does it mean when characters hold opposing traits from their roles in society? Additionally, can characters such as Bakugo, Deku, and Todoroki be considered as true heroes considering their reasons for becoming heroes?

  • Interesting take on the show, I also want to add the route the show is currently going in - reminds me a lot of naruto and how sasuke was taken by orchimaru's "henchmen" but in that case he made his decision, bakugo did not but sasuke and bakugo share similar qualities so I'm very curious to see what happens there. To compare that idea to your own, I think over time (as I feel like this show will last YEARS to come) that your questions will be answered with more validity and less convoluted heroism and villains: the ways of attributing to becoming a hero and how someone walks the path of evil. - Jeet – jeet 6 years ago

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