The Conflicts of Directors and Production Companies

With Twin Peak’s 2016 revival currently hanging in the balance following David Lynch’s decision to leave contract negotiations, just how difficult is it for Directors to protect their creative vision against reservations of financial implications ?

  • Another example is that movie studious were reluctant to let Steven Spielberg make Lincoln. Steven Spielberg, the guy who has made some of the most greatest and iconic film of all time is having a hard time getting a movie made, now a days. Thats sad to thing about. – Aaron Hatch 7 years ago
  • It would be interesting to discuss the rise of comic book movies, Marvel's relationship with their directors compared to those of Fox and Sony (spider-man etc.). – Thomas Munday 7 years ago
  • It could be a greed thing, and perhaps a more complex concept that involves politics, money, and public imaging. It would be nice to see something new and original, but if it's too "risky" and won't guarantee any cash, they're not going to make a film. – Travis Kane 7 years ago

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