The Curious Fascinating Worlds of RPG's

From legendary classics like Final Fantasy and DragonQuest, to fresh new experiences like Undertale and Indivisible, these worlds are all unique in their own ways, but are all bound by a common trait in their blood; they are all RPG’s. This style of gameplay has been around for a long time and is still going on and seeing numerous titles with this kind of gameplay in mind. But what makes these types of games so fascinating an immensely popular? What do you find so intriguing about RPG’s and do you have a favorite and if so, why? But to go even beyond, why do RPG’s seem to have the most diverse and complex stories, and what about them draws you in?

  • RPGs bring together gaming, improv, friendship and strategy to create and experience that is utterly unique to the style. It is extremely inclusive and is worth trying out for those who have not. – alexpaulsen 6 years ago
  • Yes, I believe you could explore what it would be like for someone who hasn't been introduced to - or for someone who already has preconceived notions about - RPG's. How do they look from an outsider's point of view? How can that be changed? What can someone do to get an outsider to try playing, or to change their opinion about them (without physically forcing them to just sit down and play one -which usually leads to more frustration than progress). – AutamnDarling 6 years ago
  • Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy--having a purpose, being important, embarking on an adventure, discovering different worlds, delving deeply into another persona. Why are these things enticing to people? – Jaye Freeland 6 years ago
  • Escape from our mundane lives : ) – Munjeera 6 years ago
  • The writer of this article would be remiss to overlook the genre's roots in pen and paper. Dungeons & Dragons is the progenitor of all RPGs, and as such should be recognized. The immersion of a persona into a fictional world began there, and translated into new media via video games. – Tarben 6 years ago
  • I play DnD, Pathfinder, and exalted for one reason I need a break from reality- currently I am going to school for social work-I volunteer, work, and study, but once a week I have a chance to escape from some of the icky stuff going on in todays world become a towering behemoth that really helps out the little guy. It gives me hope and courage to keep doing what I am doing and believe in myself. Its also almost a subculture of people-some like sports, cooking shows, etc. – scriswell 6 years ago
  • RPGs and JRPGs seem awash with intense scrutiny of players. I've avoided them almost altogether because of the threshold that seems necessary to play socially. I enjoyed Child of Light, which I understand is derided as RPG-lite, and play plenty of games with RPG elements, like the latest Witcher, but don't think I'll ever touch something the staunch defenders of their fandom would consider an RPG/JRPG. I support AutamnDarling's point - As an outsider, I feel like it would be incredibly difficult to persuade me to play one. I encourage someone to give it a shot. – Paul A. Crutcher 6 years ago

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