The dark attraction to violence in anime

A question of whether violence attract more audience to anime. Why are audiences attracted to bloodshed, gore and violence? A recent study from researchers at the University of Augsburg, Germany and the University of Wisconsin-Madison discovered that people are more likely to watch movies and anime with gory scenes of violence if they felt there was meaning in confronting violent aspects of real life.

  • Some anime have violence, just like some books, movies, games, tv shows, etc. There are plenty of anime that have no violence and are still considered great among their many fans. Violence in fiction is often put in to raise the stakes. If our protagonist could be hurt/killed audiences get more invested in their well being due to the fact that their well being isnt guaranteed. Thats true with ALL fiction (and a lot of non fiction). Your topic proposal lacks any type of real question to be investigated. A topic that you could explore with this could be comparing the use of violence in popular anime. Is there a connection between the desprate and brutal struggle of the Attack on Titan universe and the militaristic violence of the Bleach universe. Narrow down the topic and explore it more otherwise all you're saying is "things have violence in them" – Cojo 7 years ago
  • The reason why I watched Hellsing:Ultimate and Black Lagoon. Okay, it was more the fight scenes than the violence. What if you made the distinction between the two and also give examples of violence that works and violence that doesn't work? (Like Tokyo Ghoul - too violent and disturbing for my taste.) – OkaNaimo0819 3 years ago

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