The dichotomy between male gaze and female gaze in visual media

Analyse how representations of males and females differs through male gaze and female gaze. E.g. the comparison between male and female superheroes, and what is perceived to be the female gaze, e.g. perceptions of very muscular superheroes.

  • The very premise of these gendered cinematic gazes came from the landmark 1975 essay by Laura Mulvey, "Visual Pleasures and Narrative Cinema" (https://www.asu.edu/courses/fms504/total-readings/mulvey-visualpleasure.pdf). This would be necessary to cite in the final article for two reasons: 1) to ensure that the author has a thorough understanding of the theoretical concept/terminology in order to discuss it sufficiently; 2) to ensure that the final product not just be a rehash of her now forty-two year old argument. If there has been a noticeable shift in gaze in recent cinema, I recommend that be made the article's focus. – ProtoCanon 6 years ago
  • This could be fascinating. It would be very important to note that the playing field isn't level in terms of the male/female gaze. What gets presented as "catering to the female gaze" is often just a male power fantasy which is assumed to appeal to women for superficial reasons (Superman, Wolverine, Sherlock, eg - not that these men do no appeal to women, but to draw a line between Superman and Harley Quinn would be a gross false equivalence). Additionally, films which are marketed squarely at women are often produced and directed by men (look at the directors of some of the most famous chick flicks of the last decade). – Cat 6 years ago
  • Male dominance for long has suppressed the creative medium into an elaborate masculine fantasy. It is high time that the gender divide must end. Was wanting someone experienced to write about this for a long time. – Vishnu Unnithan 6 years ago

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