Films Becoming Shows: 2 Hours Not Enough

Last night I watched the series premiere of Minority Report, based off the film with Tom Cruise from 2002. Tonight I watched the series premiere of Limitless, based off the film with Bradley Cooper from 2011. I have to say that Limitless is better, but that still doesn’t change the fact that suddenly all these films are becoming shows. What is up with that? They cancel great shows after a season or less just so they can make shows based off movies that were only semi-successful? Not to mention I heard that The Mortal Instruments failed movie is becoming a show called Shadowhunters to premiere next year.

Is it the content? Both films turned shows that aired this week are futuristic about either preventing crimes before they happen or taking a pill that opens up a person’s entire brain. What is it about these two ideas that the entertainment world feels the need to bring them back and expand? Or is it more to do with the idea of reboots? Taking a failed idea and revitalizing it? Or taking a premise that has been forgotten and rediscovering it? Are there any original ideas left? Were there ever or are all stories pieced together from past projects?

  • The Wikipedia page on this may serve to guide prospective writers about all such shows. These include ‘Shaft’, ‘Bates Motel’ and many more. It would do the writer good to at least browse through both the film and TV adaptations of the project he intends to write in detail about while tipping his hat to the other stories. – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 3 years ago

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