The effect of having democratic elections.

Analyze the history behind democratic elections and explain why countries such as the U.S. use that system to elect their officials, despite it not being a voice of the entire country and only represents the electoral college.

  • The very point of the Electoral College is to ensure that all the various demographics of the population are represented, and therefore not swamped by the population gaps in various geographical locations. In this way, it does represent the voice of the entire country, and does so in a way that ensures not only equal representation, but the peaceful transfer of power. It would be important to touch upon the intentions and beliefs of those who designed the electoral college when writing such an article. – ValleyChristion 4 years ago
  • The electoral college system that the US has today actually has its roots in a compromise between slave states and non-slave states. http://time.com/4558510/electoral-college-history-slavery/ – JamesBKelley 4 years ago
  • Jerrymandering would be a good subtopic as well. – Munjeera 4 years ago
  • It might be possible to tie an essay on the Electoral College in with the ideology of American Exceptionalism, by doing that the broader issues of popular culture can be addressed. – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago

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