The Effect the "Witch Hunt" for Actors with Histories of Sexual Harassment Has on Film

Analyze the degree to which movements like #MeToo and the hunt for actors that have sexually harassed women has on film, both in reality and speculatively.

  • I think the first thing you will need to establish is credence that this is a "witch hunt". That specific terminology implies that the allegations are not true. Perhaps an approach that asks if this is a which hunt or not and the implications that would be more balanced. – derBruderspielt 6 years ago
  • It would be wise to thoroughly investigate this topic as it sensitive, especially in these times. – BMartin43 6 years ago
  • I agree with the others posting here. The term "witch hunt" indicates that the development is grounded in hysteria and in unfounded accusations rather than in real-world experiences. In many of instances, clear evidence presented, the accused have admitted guilt (without any of the sort of torture that was often involved in the historical witch hunts), etc. – JamesBKelley 6 years ago
  • As everyone else has commented, the terminology "Witch Hunt" is very sensitive and culturally grounded. In this, you are essentially suggesting that Hollywood's claims are unfounded and that these men are being unjustly outted. Also, this topic is still very unclear and broad. You need to narrow down the scope. If you'd like to focus on #MeToo, is it behind the scenes of Hollywood and therefore, a critique of Hollywood as a whole? Are you calling the movement sensationalist and a bandwagon? I'm not sure what your scope of argumentation is and what exactly writing on this topic would entail. – Mela 6 years ago

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