The Effectiveness of Player-created Content

While games with an interesting, plot-driven experience are fun to play, it seems that game with player-driven content are timeless. Games where there are a variety of choices as far as character creation and exploration seem to be games that can be enjoyable while experiencing the main plot or creating your own adventure. An example could be how in Skyrim, you can do the quests provided in the game, or roam around the map running into random spawn, looting, and adventuring by your own rules.

  • You could also explore how gaming developers are expanding upon player-created content from immediate release of new games/multi-player gaming – Ryan Errington 7 years ago
  • There are a few games that completely rely on the player looking for their own fun (Minecraft, Grow Home) but whats important to remember is that the developers still had to make it viable. In Skyrim the developers had to say "In this cave on a random spot that half the people playing this game will never see we are gonna add some fun things to do". Thats a strong commitment to the player – Cojo 7 years ago
  • Giving players choice is a really neat thing in games- not everyone wants to play multiplayer or single player all of the time. This could also be expanded on how the game's audience is affected by player-created content. – James Smith 7 years ago

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