The Ethics of DLC in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo recently announced that is making DLC (Downloadable Content) for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. And that’s about all the information they gave. The cost per pack (1 fighter, stage, and some music) is 5.99 per pack. There are 5 packs. You can buy it all for $24.99. They did not give any information about what fighters would be included or when they would come out (except sometime before february 2020). What are the business ethics in the video game industry of selling a product to consumers, but not making them aware of what or when it could be released. Article might look at similar cases from Warner Bros or Ubisoft.

  • I think what helps set Nintendo apart this time is that Sakurai, the game's director, actually said in reference to the bundle that: "We hope that only those with the utmost confidence in the value of this bundle pre-purchase it." To hear a developer encourage caution and careful planning when pre-purchasing their very own season pass/DLC with mystery content is quite refreshing and really sets a standard other companies should follow. – Dimitri Adoniou 4 years ago

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