The evolution and influence of the Teen Movie

We all know it when we see it, the teen movie and its cliches. Setting is usually in a US high school and has your typical jocks, rebels, cheerleaders, and nerds. Along with love triangles and unrequited love.
But how has it changed over the decades? I notice nowadays that the teen movie (or Teen TV series) attempts to depict how teens talk nowadays, but instead it comes across as cringe, and the focus has been more on how ‘woke’ the characters are, rather than the character arches themselves. Also a paragraph about cultural influence of the Teen movie/show. For example, Euphoria has substantially affected the trends in fashion and makeup.

Also, the teen movie predominantly has a white male/female protagonist, with ‘The best friend’ archetype being POC.

Has there ever been any realism in the teen movie/show?

Some examples that come to mind for discussion: Rebel Without a Cause, Peggy Sue got Married, John Hughs movies, Clueless, Bring it On, Juno, Easy A, Lady Bird,

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