The evolution of comic book villainy.

Comic book villains are sometimes the best part of the story, but how their nature has changed over the course of the last seventy five years. Motivations have gone from simple robbery to world domination to personal vengeance. The methods have also changed; in the Golden Age it was trickery and minor property damage, today outright murder and mayhem are the order of the day.

  • This is true, it has evolved from trickery to absolute damnation. Interesting topic. – danielle577 7 years ago
  • Don't forget world domination. When I was a kid every villain wanted to rule the world. – Munjeera 7 years ago
  • Definitely something I've noted as well. What is interesting to see is how a majority of villains now in comics and films based on comics is the overwhelming amount of villains who are motivated by revenge directed towards a hero. Jealousy, revenge, or mental illness. VEry rarely nowadays do we see a villain committing a crime for crimes sake. There's been a surge in analyzing the psyhology of the villain, and I think it's a change for the better. it humanizes the characters and adds a level of empathy. – Pvrvgon 7 years ago

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