The Evolution of the Hulk

With the recent events in the Civil War II – (untimely things) – let’s talk about the evolution of the Hulk. Who the Hulk is and where he has come from. How his character has grown and at times not so grown. No one really talks about the Hulk in terms of how he grew up and how he arrived at where he was today. Specifically in the comics, since for one, the films never really were praised until Mark Ruffalo became the Hulk. I really think talking about the comics and his story arc and where he has come from in the series’ would be so great to see!

  • This is interesting...especially due to a previous topic discussing the amount of time spent on the background story of superheroes as distracting and time consuming, but it is true, I really am not very aware of the Hulk's background, other than the very bare, and minimal preliminary facts that occurred during his accident in the lab. Maybe that really is all that is to it, and that is why not much time has been dedicated to his backstory? Please remember, this is coming from someone who is not familiar with comics, at all!!! – danielle577 6 years ago
  • Love the child is father to the man aspect. – Tigey 6 years ago
  • Although you mentioned that this topic would specifically focus on comic verse, I think it would be worth analyzing the movie verse as well. Yes, the Hulk has greatly gained popularity with Mark Ruffalo, however, his character which made great development in the Avengers regressed with Age of Ultron movie events. Perhaps a compare and contrast with comic vs. movie verse treatment and what this means for the character's overall representation would be interesting to work with – Mela 6 years ago

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