The exploitation of Shakespeare and his works in the commercial industry.

The concept of Shakespeare’s works and words being used in advertisements, the fashion industry and across the board as a kind of brand to encourage engagement.

  • Although this may not be in the scope of your topic, I have always been frustrated by the "to X or not to X" construction, which appears quite frequently on social media. I think an interesting spin on your topic could be an analysis of Shakespeare memes/allusions (or constructions) in social media today, which certainly play into the wider genre of classical memes. Every time we use the "to X or not to X" construction, we play against--or with--the ethical implications of suicide; however, in social media usage, the construction usually regards the mundane: "to eat and orange or to not eat an orange." An analysis of Facebook or twitter messages that use this construction could be fascinating and might complement or enhance an analysis of Shakespearian constructions in the the commercial industry. – Dethlefs 6 years ago
  • Capitalism proved times and again they can and will profit from anything they want. The responsibility lies with the consumer. – T. Palomino 4 days ago

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