The Females of Game of Thrones : Books VS Television

Analyze the roles and personalities and actions of the women in Game of thrones, from the books to the HBO show. Whether the changes were good, or not. Analyze why some characters are over sexualized, for example, like Maggy the Frog. Another crucial detail that can be discussed is Daenerys’ first night with the Khal. Where in the show, she was crying and brutally raped, in the books, the sex was quite welcome on the first night. Can dive into fan theories, and why certain things are changed for higher ratings and more viewership. Can comment on society as a whole, and why changes like this are "necessary" for success.

  • This is an interesting topic. I think there is enough here to write a pretty substantial article. I hope somebody snaps this one up! – DClarke 7 years ago
  • I think this article would be great at exploring the character Sansa Stark. In the tv show she is kind of a Frodo character, if you know what I mean (part of the main plot but people find them boring and can't wait for them to get off the screen to the more exciting characters). It's a lot easier to relate to her in the books because you can read her thoughts, you know from her point of view just how callous and full of hatred she is that she is in such a helpless position, all anyone gets from the tv show is that she is in that helpless position but aren't able to sympathize as much without that insight and therefor they think she is boring. Not to mention in the books she comments a lot on the physical abuse she suffered while in Kings Landing that was not brought out as much in the tv show for decency reasons. – Slaidey 7 years ago

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