The Great British Baking Show Obsession

Analyze why The Great British Baking Show is so popular everywhere, but perhaps particularly with American audiences. There are tons of memes that look at the difference between various cooking shows. And in general, there are tons of cooking shows today; what’s the appeal?

  • Nice idea. Original! A quick suggestion - might be worth expanding this subject to include the general obsession with baking shows, comparing the British model to the American model. It's also interesting to note that as the Roman empire fell into decline and became decadent, it too had an obsession with celebrity chefs. A lesson from history, perhaps? – Amyus 4 years ago
  • This is such a good suggestion because it feels like that show came out of nowhere and now it's everywhere! Maybe contrast the judging styles in that show against some popular American baking shows? – ja0netholmes 4 years ago

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