The idea of Right vs Wrong in Writing

View of what is right and what is wrong in writing.

  • What an interesting idea! I feel like it needs to be narrowed a bit, though, because there are so many different kinds of writing (poetry vs. academic writing vs. screenplays, and so on), and they all have different sets of rules. What's "right" and what's "wrong" for writers to do in their work? Who came up with these rules and what gave them the authority to do so? Or did the rules evolve from something else? – Nicole Williams 7 years ago
  • I like this a lot! Because what is right and wrong is constantly shifting across cultures and across time. What is "wrong" now might have been "right" 500 years ago. This is also translates into what is a "good" person and what is a "bad" person, because those staples are defined by the amount of "right" vs. "wrong" things we do on a day to day basis! – Thomas01 7 years ago
  • Also, are we talking about what is right and wrong in terms of style? grammar? subject matter? plot and other elements? This could be a very interesting topic, looking at different standards of right and wrong, and how they are different across cultures and time. But It still needs to have a focus. Is this about taboo topics? Or is this from a more technical perspective? Or stylistic? – OddballGentleman 7 years ago
  • It might be interesting to structure this as a case study in which response to a particular text across various regions or types of audiences has been divided because of differing values regarding what equates to "good" writing. – samfitzner 7 years ago

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