The idealization of your significant other

In 500 Days of Summer, we see how Tom exalts Summer and puts her on a pedestal. From the beginning, she explains she isn’t interested in a formal relationship, but he falls in love with her anyways, and he expects the feeling to be reciprocated. When she doesn’t correspond him, he is devastated.

Many people get terribly hurt because they create an idealization of their significant other. We are all human, hence, none of us are perfect. However, we still strive to achieve what is best. Do romantic films shape us into thinking we have to find "the one"?

I’m not saying we should be conformists with any person that appears into our lives, but to an extent, what is –or should be — the limit to measure what is best or who is "the one"?

  • The "ideal" significant other is an extremely interesting subject to explore. There is a really interesting theory posted on YouTube that explores the link between parental figures and adult attraction. They theorize that attraction is determined by behaviours exhibited by the adults present during childhood. For better or for worse, there is a certain amount of comfort that comes with being around something familiar, be that a parent's supportive or emotionally distant nature. That might be an interesting topic if it can be mixed in with how ideal partners are explored in the film. – maticusarts 5 years ago
  • It would be good to link this to abusive and toxic relationships in society ... those parallels would work well :) – Zohal99 4 years ago
  • This is a great idea for an article! Maybe you could tie in how accessible romantic connections are in the modern age? How can we commit to 'one' when there are an infinate number of 'ones' out there? Also internet dating often takes away accountability, allowing people to 'ghost' with incredible ease. We are at once desperate to find the idealised relationship of films and unwilling to face the realities of a monogamous relationship. – elizask 4 years ago

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