The impact of Disney songs and soundtracks

Often, Disney soundtracks are even more famous than the films themselves. Most of the songs have become emblematic and cult , they have crossed generations to become universal anthems. Famous singers cover them. There are a lot of songs we do not know about and that have been cut out of the films. Music also plays a significant part in Disney theme parks. How does the music work in Disney films? How do they correspond to the film’s aesthetic? How do they add to our appreciation of the film? How aware was Walt Disney and his collaborators of the importance of soundtrack? How do the songs work now and what are they aiming for? Become hits? What kind of values and messages do they transmit?

  • This is a great topic idea. It would be interesting to look at the most famous songs or movies to narrow down the wide selection out there. It would also be good to look at how Disney songs have been integrated into childhood and how they effect the children as they grow. – RachelLMcIntyre 7 years ago
  • In regards to the question of "How aware was Walt Disney," the answer is a resounding "Very aware." Walt Disney World has an attraction titled "One Man's Dream" which discusses some of the initial ideas and attitudes Walt Disney held during his tenure as Founder, and includes a section dedicated to specifically this question. When he released his early sound cartoons, Walt Disney decided on several occasions ("Steamboat Willy" being the most famous) that he would prefer little to no dialogue, since he believed music could convey much more succintly that which he wanted said. So, perhaps as research for this article, someone could visit WDW! – Christopher Vance 7 years ago

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