The Impact of Family Channel shows on Pre-Teens.

Analyze the impact of family channel shows such as Jessie, Victorious, Girl meets World (just to name a few) on the attitude and behaviour of pre-teen girls. For example, "Jessie" shows a young girl Jessie the nanny, who is always dressed impeccably is made fun of by her charges. It always makes me uneasy about the message it sends to young girls. Is her dress not good enough? Why is her clothing a topic of discussion for the children in her care? Is putting down the nanny appropriate? Analyze the way pre-teens and teens idealize the stars of the shows and emulate the way they dress and act.

  • These days shows like Jessie are made to be comedy shows that you really don't have to think about. The problem with that being that the insults are often done as the popular jokes of the series. People don't understand that while the jokes aren't to be really though about as being much, it still becomes a part of teenager's experience in communication. – Kevin Mohammed 6 years ago
  • If you were to discuss Girl Meets World, it would possibly be a good idea to compare the natural counter example of its predecessor, Boy Meets World, and its comparative cultural time and influence on pre-teen boys. – kdaley 6 years ago

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