The impact of web video on television habits

Analyse the impact of habitually consuming short (30 second – 10 minute) videos on our consumption of "traditional" television and film. Short videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media outlets are consumed on-demand, generally tailored to our "interests" with skippable (or micro) advertisements. In contrast, television is impersonal, generic and heavily interrupted by ad breaks. The advent of Netflix and other online streaming services further primes viewers to expect on-demand content free of advertising. How will this shape the future of television and what does this on-demand expectation say about our changing attitudes, especially in light of millennial challenges in today’s world?

  • Our short attention spans are more tuned to watching stuff faster, on the go and based on our convenience. TV is bound to have a tough time keeping up. – Vishnu Unnithan 5 years ago

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