The impact the television show Glee still has on society.

Glee was released in 2010 starring Lea Michele and Cory Monteith and went on for 6 whole seasons. While emphasizing Glee Club, every episode included covers of songs sung by the cast, Jane Lynch throwing a chair, and Matthew Morrison proving to us once again that he can play a creepy teacher very well. It’s been almost 10 years yet Glee is still remembered. There are memes about Morrison, videos honoring Montieth and the others who have passed. What makes this show so exciting besides the singing and the tragic deaths?

  • Something that is so interesting about Glee is the media scape it came out in! I remember the world of TV that Glee was joining on foz was among Degrassi and lots of teen pregnancy shows like teen mom and Secret Life of the American Teenager. How did this focus on grit play into Glee. Does it count as a Soap? – skruse 1 year ago

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