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The Influence of Anime in Pop Culture

We cannot deny that anime, as a medium and art form, has played a role in changing pop culture over the years. Anime’s biggest influence, however, seems to be on the film industry. Films, such as The Matrix, have credited anime as one of their main influences.

Akira, one of the most critically acclaimed anime in the world, has made the biggest impact not only in the film industry, but in the anime industry as well. Its rich storytelling aesthetics as well as cell-shaded graphics at the time made it a cult classic. Akira also destroyed the stereotype that anime was only for children, showing that it can also be used as an alternative medium in which to tell mature and compelling stories.

Ghost in the Shell was one of the main influences on The Matrix. Both dealt with the themes of man and machine as well as what constitutes as reality. Ghost in the Shell’s influence on The Matrix can be seen in its action sequences, cinematography and dialogue.

So what is the future of anime in Hollywood and the world? Will anime be soon seen as a normal aesthetic in filmmaking? With the ever increasing dependency on digital technology, this may one day seem to be the case.

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