The Internet's Mob Mentality: Normal or Dangerous

Whether it be Assassins’s Creed or Call of Duty, The end of Mass Effect 3 or the content in Destiny "The Internet" seems to hold a singular idea of what is occurring. This has led to extreme amounts of hate and discontent on the internet against many, is this to be expected or this possibly a fire moving towards gasoline.

  • I would add a question mark at the end and clear up the subject of "many," but otherwise great question. I think it's a particularly relevant topic to those who have been on certain sites such as reddit, which many refer to as an "echo chamber" because dissenting views are so heavily downvoted. – Connor Gregorich-Trevor 7 years ago
  • The content of the post suggests to examine the impact of games in relation to people's discontent on the internet, but the title is more general. – aferozan 7 years ago

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