The "love conquers all" scenario

Films, or any other work, really, that pull the "love conquers all" card. I hear disdain from people about this trope, while I personally don’t think it’s that egregious. Interstellar is one that caught a lot of flak for this, at least in the forums I frequent. Are there films that do it "right"? Which films are the worst perpetrators?

  • It's totally hokey, but I find the trope warming. I loved the book and film adaptation of Warm Bodies for this sort of tongue-in-cheek portrayal of "love conquers all"-even death! – FrankiHanke 7 years ago
  • I agree; while it can be a bit cheesy in some films, there are certainly quite a few movies that pull it off quite well. My personal favorite would be The Princess Bride; it even includes the line "death cannot stop true love" in the film itself. – TheAverageAssassin 7 years ago
  • I think there is a lot of philosophical backing for this trope especially from the Western Christian tradition. It really depends on how well it is done and if they can make it believable. – DClarke 7 years ago

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