The Museum of Feelings

Glade’s Museum of Feelings is a limited-time exhibit currently open in Manhattan. The Museum is interactive for the patrons who visit, and the exhibit itself is influenced by social media, allowing its light display to serve as a "mood ring" for the city. Looking at the implications of this exhibit would be interesting. This exhibit speaks not only to the way technology and social media is changing how we consume art and media, but how marketing does as well. The museum is not only an artistic experience, but a branded one. Does that impact the validity of the "art"?

  • This seems to be a form of art, in which the artistic expression comes from the audience, not mainly from the creator. In doing this piece, this shall need to be emphasized. – JDJankowski 7 years ago
  • The whole idea of "art" has been in question for over a century, ever since Duchamp's exhibit of "The Fountain." Historically, the museum has functioned as a way of 'branding' a work as art, even though some of the most interesting art projects exist outside of the (proverbial) museum's walls. JDJankoswki's point speaks to this view, too. Take a look at Duchamp's article, "The Creative Act": http://courses.ischool.utexas.edu/Smith_Kim/2007/Fall/INF385H/Duchamp_CreativeAct.pdf. – revfigueiredo 7 years ago

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