The Next Social Horror Film?

Get Out successfully combined a social horror with the horror genre. Considering this, what’s another social situation that could work well as a horror film?

  • Meeting the in-laws has been used before but I can't recall the movie and a google search has not helped jog my memory. There was one with a girl who meets a mother-in-law who turns out to have it in for her. Another movie is with crazy exes who go berserk. I think there was one with Katherine Heigel. Another really old movie from 1990 is called Lisa in which a girl who wants to start dating ends up intertwined with a serial killer. Maybe you could define social horror here because it is a new genre. – Munjeera 5 years ago
  • The political climate in the West is pretty extremely polarized right now, which puts a great deal of pressure on any media trying to provide social commentary. Horror is great for this in that it already exists in the realm of the taboo and invokes extremes of emotion. It's always hard to navigate between the meaningful/relevant and the partisan. Especially when everyone seems to be getting quite fed up with politics. I think now that mental health and illness is on people's radars and is getting discussed openly, the horror genre has an opportunity to correct it's disastrous track record in that area. I would love to see more horror that offers a grounded and three-dimensional portrayal of mental and physical disability. The "crazy-scary" trope has hit the trifecta: it's outdated, lazy and harmful. – smoldoggo 5 years ago

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